Rhein Azuga Cellar 1892

Guesthouse & Restaurant 


Nestled in the majestic Bucegi mountains of Prahova County, the Rhein Azuga Cellar was built in 1892 and supplied the Romanian Royal Court between the world wars. Today we supply The House of His Majesty King Michael the First with our famous sparkling wine, Rhein Extra. The cellar is belived to be the oldest location in Romania where sparkling wine has continuously been made using the traditional method.

Learn about the traditional art of producing sparkling wine and witness the 19th century techniques that we use. Visit our cellars, situated above ground and built with double walls to keep them cool. Stay in our Rhein Guesthouse, where we have 16en suite rooms and a restaurant for 90 seated or 120 buffet style (booking essential)

Program offered to the visitors:
- tour of the cellar, presentation of the sparkling wine producing techniques following the traditional method and sparkling wine tasting*
- restaurant
- accommodation
- wine shop

*Opening Hours:  Please make appointment for visits exempt the 08:30 AM- 04:00 PM .  
   Tour of the cellar and sparkling wine tasting will be made only for groups of minim 8 persons.

Rhein Azuga Cellar 1892
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